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Website Development

Web Design


As EcommWeb, we focus our web design services on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and on Individuals who need a website that is easy to maintain. Our vast experience with various web technologies, including basic HTML, XHTML, DHTML, PHP, SQL, CSS, etc. enables an easy conversion of an excisting website into a CMS based website. We have developed websites in various languages ??such as Dutch, English, Arabic, Hindi and Nepali.

Why EcommWeb

EcommWeb renders all services necessary to provide a good and affordable presentation on the Internet. We offer website design, web application development, web hosting services, logo design, Joomla! CMS, graphic design, search engine optimization and many other solutions.

We offer our clients the full spectrum of professional yet affordable webdesign and development services. This way we lead our clients towards a powerful and effective presentation on the World Wide Web.

Quick Start

web-startJoomla! works with Design Templates. Design Templates simplify many of the design tasks and make it possible to quickly build a neat website that meest almost all requirements.

We made it as easy as possible to quickly have a neat website online. Therefore we have put a number of stable and professional looking templates  online. These enable you to get a complete and clear image of the posibilities of the different templates.

In these websitte examples you can simply replace the existing content for your own. It is advisable to choose a template which in design is closest to your needs. Most templates offer different color options. If your colour of choice is not there, then we can adjust later.

We invite you to view our sample templates. Click here for an overview.

We have also installed a number of commercially developed templates from RocketTheme. These can also be used as the basis for your website. Click here for an overview.

Joomla! CMS


Joomla! is a winner in the Content Management Systems (CMS). Joomla enables you to quickly build a beautyful website and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including the easy use and the multitude of available extensions, have made Joomla a most popular platform for web development. And even better; Joomla is a so-called "Open Source Solution ', and is freely available to everyone.

What is a CMS

A Content Management System joomla-cms(CMS) is a collection of tools that allow you to define the content of your web site or service while no knowledge about programming, design or HTML is required.

For the use of a CMS it is not necessary to be a technician, or even to have prior experience with webdesign. Imagine that you are responsible for the website of your organization and that you can execute the following tasks all by yourself, using a very simple webbrowser based dashboard.

  1. Create new categories or sections in your website
  2. Add content (text, photos, documents, videos)
  3. Remove content
  4. Edit existing content
  5. Restore deleted content
Multiple users can add to the maintenance of the website by issuing the right to do so. A certain user for example can have limited access for only adapting the news on a certain webpage, while another user has more of different rights.

Content Management is the best method for companies and organizations to effectively maintain their websites.


Demo Templates


For the free Joomla! Templates we offer with our Complete Website Special Offer we have placed some example templates online.
Click here for a tour.

RocketTheme Templates


RocketTheme Templates are commercially developed
Joomla! Templates of a very high quality.

Click here for a selection.

Our Portfolio


We have several clients professional websites built on the Joomla! platform. Both free and commercial templates.
Click here for a tour.