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TLD Info

Domains from the following TLDs and SLDs can be registered with us:

Generic TLD's
.com 8.95
.net 8.95
.org 8.95
.biz 8.95
.name 8.95
.tel 11.95
Geographical TLD's
.eu.com 23.25
Targeted TLD's
.ag (*)
.am 94.50
.fm 94.50
.tv 21.50
.bz 18.75
.tm (*) 139.75
.ws 18.75
Popular Country-Code TLD's
.tk (*) 8.75
.nu (*) 24.25
.be 8.50
.ca 13.25
.qc.com 45.75
.ru 34.75
.ru.com 45.75
.co.uk (*) 6.25
.org.uk (*) 6.25
.me.uk (*) 6.25
.uk.com 45.75
.uk.net 45.75
Popular Asian TLD's
.in 15.50
.co.in 14.50
.net.in 14.50
.org.in 14.50
.firm.in 14.50
.gen.in 14.50
.ind.in 14.50
.hk 34.75
.com.hk 34.75
.net.hk 34.75
.org.hk 34.75
.idv.hk 34.75
.tw 30.95
.com.tw 30.95
.org.tw 30.95
.club.tw 40.50
.ebiz.tw 40.50
.game.tw 40.50
.idv.tw 30.95
Country-Specific TLD's
.ac 52.50
.at 23.25
.co.at 23.25
.br.com 45.75
.cc 17.50
.ch 17.50
.cx 33.50
.cz 28.95
.de.com 45.75
.dk 21.95
.es 14.50
.com.es 14.50
.org.es 14.50
.nom.es 14.50
.gs 20.25
.hn 79.95
.hu.com 45.75
.im 43.25
.io 52.50
.jp 73.95
.la 40.50
.lc 79.95
.li 17.50
.lu 28.95
.mn 57.75
.ms 40.50
.mu 79.95
.nf 125.95
.no.com 45.75
.co.nz 28.95
.net.nz 28.95
.org.nz 28.95
.pe 21.95
.ph 45.25
.pk (*) 45.25
.com.pk (*) 45.25
.pl 45.25
.com.pl 51.95
.net.pl 51.95
.org.pl 51.95
.biz.pl 51.95
.info.pl 51.95
.sa.com 45.75
.sc 34.75
.se 37.50
.se.com 45.75
.se.net 45.75
.sg 51.95
.sh 52.50
.tc 20.25
.tl 33.50
.us 8.95
.us.com 23.25
.uy.com 45.75
.vc 46.25
.com.vc 46.25
.net.vc 46.25
.org.vc 46.25
.vg 20.25
.za.com 45.75



Domain Name Registrations

A domain name is in effect the name of your website, and therefore the basis of your presence on the Internet. Domain names are unique and must be registered. Brands are greatly effected by the ability of a company to register the matching domain name.

We offer Domain Name Registrations for almost any available Top Level Domain (TLD) extension and many special Second Level Domain (SLD) extensions as well.

In the case you have registered your perfect domain name already, you will of course want to keep your domain registration active, but also have the most economical solution for your registration. We will look into your current registration and advise you which is the best cause of action to follow. Stay with your current registration provider while you let us host your website, or allow us to transfer the domain registration on your behalf, and have us take care of your best interests all the way.

Since we offer so many domain extensions to choose from, it is not possible to offer direct online domain registrations for all. We have made a selection of the TLD's and SLD's for which we offer online domain registrations, and we will manually assist you in registering the other TLD's and SLD's we can register for you.

Once we register a domain in your name, you are responsible for this domain. Usually a domain name is registered for a period of 1 year, although there are some domains which have a minimum registration term of 2 years, and even one which has to be registered for a minimum term of 10 years (.tm). After this initial registration period the domain name has to be renewed. Again, usually the renewal term is 1 year. If you keep sufficient credits in your account and you do not cancel the domain name before we bill you for it (15 days before expiration), the domain will automatically be renewed before it expires. If you allow your domain name to expire, depending on the TLD, it is possible that you will be paying a very high re-connection fee, or you might lose the domain name completely without any possibility to re-register it again at all, if another person beats you to re-registering the domain name. We cannot accept responsibility in case you lose your domain name for any reason. We will however do anything and everything to prevent this from happening. Be sure you have enough credit in your account to pay for at least one years domain renewal for all your domains to minimize chances of losing a valuable domain name asset.