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Internet Hosting

EcommWeb has a focus on Internet Hosting, which results in a world-class service being offered to you.

To assist you choosing from the overwhelming number of possible configurations for your hosting requirements, we have decided to include most of the options without extra charges to all hosting accounts.

If you would have any custom wishes regarding our hosting packages, then please ask, and we will help you to have your needs fulfilled.

Hosting we offer in 3 main distinctions:

Besides these three different Web Hosting Solutions, we can also provide Dedicated Server Solutions or Virtual Private Servers on a VMWare platform, which come with High Availability and are extremely Scalable.

And of course we can provide you with Domain Name Registrations for almost every available domain name extension.



Domain Name Registrations

A domain name is in effect the name of your website, and therefore the basis of your presence on the Internet. Domain names are unique and must therefore be registered. Brands are greatly effected by the abillity of a company to register the matching domain name.

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Hosting features

Our Internet Hosting packages are very feature rich, and include by default some options which you will only find in the premium packages or at a sur-charge with our competitors, or not at all with some of the 'less advanced' hosting companies.

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