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Including / Excluding
What is possible and what is included standard with your website? Here we want to be crystal clear. We give you advance a clear overview of all possibilities and provide clarity on what is included in a standard website, and what not.


Included in the price for our Website Special Offer are the following:


The first years hosting is included in the price of your website included. Webhosting happened on our servers in a professional Datacenter in the Netherlands (Schiphol-Rijk) inserted.

Web hosting is offered on the basis of our 'Bronze Hosting "package, including the Control Panel and all other benefits included in this package. You will after one year according to the pricing of the Bronze hosting package again be billed annually.

Domein naam registratie

The registration of your domain name is the price of your website package included. Although we can register you domain names from more than 100 TLDs, we offer only the most TLDs inclusive as an option for a free domain name registration. You can choose from the following TLDs for a free domain name:

  • nl
  • be
  • eu
  • biz
  • name
  • com
  • net
  • org
  • info
If you already have a domain name you wish to use within this range, then we move it to our servers free for you - provided that one of the aforementioned TLDs fall.

Also for domain name registration sales after one year will be invoiced according to the price announced on our website structure.

Joomla Installation

We build all our websites to the Joomla CMS platform. The installation of Joomla on your hosting environment belongs naturally to the work we perform for you.

Joomla CMS is a powerful back-end application where you easily create your online content or price lists, photos or videos can modify, add or delete. Of course you have, after delivery, full access to the Joomla back-end system.

Template Develop and installation

The template for what your site is determined largely installed the face of your website. We build and install your personal template for you according to the specifications that you provide to us through our questionnaire.

While we edit your images in the template should be placed, we make sure your menu structure is listed as you had intended and that the colors you had in mind on your website look as intended. We are only satisfied when you are.

Web Forms

If you needs it, we build a contact form for your website so your visitors You can email directly from the site. A small but highly functional contact form is included. We ensure that this form is integrated into your site in terms of color and background.

Information Page

You obviously want your website with a number of web pages containing information. Using the menu structure you want on your website will also have pages with information on your site should be placed to the various menu items should be linked. We put up 15 pages of information on your site, and ensure, in close consultation that this get a uniform layout that fits your site. In these 15 pages we edit up to 45 pictures and place them in the texts, where you want them. Whether you are taking 45 photos on a page to insert or 3 photos on each page, that is your choice.

Begin and End

We begin preparations for your website once your payment is received. We will then take control of your new site and you can continuously watch the progress of the site. During construction, the site is closed for normal visitors, but you can choose from a special entrance view our progress. During this process there will be regular consultations. Only when you are satisfied with the new site, are we. At that time we open your site to the general public, and we bear all passwords to You.


joomlaJoomla is a very powerful open source CMS system where a lot of different applications are written. Many are available free but there are many commercial applications in the Joomla! platform built. Some applications are easy to install, others require a lot of configuration and may take time to make them work properly. This makes it impossible to do everything possible in Joomla! for a fixed price offering.

We support the following applications for you based on post-calculation in your website to install / integrate. For this we charge our regular hourly rate of 15.00 per hour.

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery is the simple idea to a larger number of photos in a convenient way to display. It will yield different Photo Gallery plug-ins several added features. Some allow comments to add, either on the back of the picture, others have nice graphical effects to show the photos.

Some examples of different photo galleries we have on our website posted extensions:


Professional Contact Form

Standard, we offer a contact form from the website. We use a simple, free plug-in. Besides these, there are many other contact-form generators, each with its own particular strengths have sommge as free software, some as commercial package. We have a selection and to evaluate extensions to our site on:

Multi Lingual website

It is not difficult, but a lot of work to make your website multilingual. Joomla! is by itself fully multilingual prepared. Additional languages in Joomla installation are freely available and easy to install. Then more difficult. You want your pages translated himself, and the underlying menu structure as well. This is an excellent plug-in for Joomla available Joom!Fish.

Joom! Fish does not translate for you You will have all the texts to the second language (or third, fourth, fifth ...) to translate.

There are other plug-ins that you have to translate and make use of services like Google Translations. The quality ofof these translations will sometimes show a surprising picture of what is meant on a page ,but often the results are good enough .

We are happy to help you make your site multilingual.

Merchant and Payment System

There is in Joomla! an excellent web shop module written. This is called VirtueMart and also falls under the free software license.

VirtueMart in several standard payment methods, and what is not present by default, extensions are available. Paypal payments, iDeal payments, bank transfers, cash on delivery shipments, everything is possible. Also, all major and several minor shipping methods are offered and much more.

There are also several other shop applications available for Joomla, VirtueMart extended as some other more specific applications, such as a simple donation button, or a much smaller and simpler setup.

For various specific applications are applications written as Joomla plugins. Think of a rental system for cars, bungalows, caravans or rooms reservation summaries and all.

Social Networking integration

Social Networking has now become main stream, but Joomla! if trent has been arrested. There are integration into Joomla! Adult Social Networking modules written (commercial plug-in software) directly in terms of functional quality of the competition with sites like Ning can handle. JomSocial and Community Builder (CB) are both social networking plug-ins and integrate fully into Joomla. The plug-ins are so rich in options and it's just too much here for a list of it.

Forum Integration

Joomla! on Social Networking sites, but also on product support services, often combined with another application, phpBB, a mature and powerful forum package. For the integration of these two different packages, there are again several auxiliary plug-ins written for such a situation to build single login for both Joomla! as phpBB.

WebChat on your website

There are several chat modules for Joomla! mostly through external IM servers direct communication between your website visitors and your support or sales department possible. We're happy with the integration of these modules in the site, and setup the communication between the module and external IM servers.

Software Downloads on your Site

Joomla! has a number of powerful plug-ins that allow your website visitors to different software packages in a convenient way to offer for download. We are pleased to assist you with the installation of these plug-ins.

eLearning component

We have said that if Joomla! versatile, but there are even complete online university built in Joomla. That especially for Joomla! eLearning packages written (JoomlaLMS), and even one of the best free e-learning packages, Moodle, allow a full integration into Joomla! including a single login and view information from the Moodle software directly into Joomla! modules that works directly in the hands of course.

We have also experience in the integration of Joomla! and Moodle with VirtueMart. We have seen that this is a very powerful and flexible site can be built both as online payment and from which Open University courses can be given immediately.

Flash Component for your Site

Joomla! Dress is very effective with Flash components that your website a dynamic appearance and draw attention there who like what you want. We may use this Flash components, movies or applications you build to your specifications.

Even if you only a general idea of what you're looking around, we can help you with various examples and any existing Flash components to fit your needs.

Logo Design for your Business

Our graphics department is very experienced in making Company Logos and their style. This we can develop for you, including or excluding business cards, letterhead, envelopes, or whatever you can imagine.