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Our office is open from monday till friday, starting at 10:00 and closing at 18:00 hours.
The helpdesk can be contacted 24/7 by direct email, through our ticketing system or by using the contact form below.

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Office:+977 1 620 3678
VoIP: +31 70 250 0654
+31 10 744 9957
Fax:+31 87 784 7139
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Dutch Address   (mail will be digitized and forwarded by email)
Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Kalhuisplaats 60
2586 JR  The Hague

Office Address   (do not send mail here - it will not arrive! )
Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Jorpati - 2, near Baral Petrol Station

Postal Address   (mail can take from 4 days up to 4 weeks to arrive! )
Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
G.P.O. Box 23316
Kathmandu 44600

Officile informatie
Deze website en Stichting Ecomm Web Net (EcommWeb) worden beheerd / bestuurd door Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (NPN)

Stichting Ecomm Web Net is ingeschreven bij de KvK Rotterdam onder nummer 24322801.
EcommWeb beheert de domein registraties en de hosting servers die door NPN besteld worden.

Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is geregistreerd bij het Company Registrar Office (vergelijkbaar met de Kamer van Koophandel in Nederland) te Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal onder nummer 43872/063/064.
NPN is als bestuurder van EcommWeb verantwoordelijk voor alle doen en laten van de Stichting.
NPN host websites en registreert domeinnamen. Tevens bouwt NPN websites en email templates voor - voornamelijk - de Nederlandse markt.

Alle werkzaamheden die wij - al dan niet voor klanten - uitvoeren, wordt vanuit ons kantoor in Nepal uitgevoerd.

Current Time

Nepal TimeZone                                                  Central European TimeZone

USA Eastern TimeZone                                                        Japan TimeZone


Please know we live on Nepal time. Our dutch phonenumbers are answered from Nepal.
The timezone here is known as NPT and runs +5:45 from UTC.

In summer it is 3:45 later here then in Europe (CET+1DST, +02:00 from UTC)
and in winter it is 4:45 hours later here then in Europe (CET, +01:00 from UTC).

In summer 08:00 in Europe is 11:45 in Nepal, and 17:00 in Europe is 20:45 in Nepal.
In winter 08:00 in Europe is 12:45 in Nepal, and 17:00 is Europe is 21:45 in Nepal.

We close our office at 18:00 Nepal time.
So in summer at 14:15 European time and in winter at 13:15 European time.
But, if you are on European time, you can call us as early as 06:15 in the summer
or 05:15 in the winter, and expect us to answer the phone chearfully.

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