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Hosting features




Hosted Domains / Domain Parking / Subdomains

Control Panel


Web Application Installer


Our Internet Hosting packages are very feature rich, and include by default some options which you will only find in the premium packages or at a sur-charge with our competitors, or not at all with some of the 'less advanced' hosting companies.


E-mailWe allow you to fully control your own email settings. In your account you can create as many e-mail boxes as you want, limited only by the amount of storage space you have available in your account. Every email box you create can have as many aliases or forwarders as you can think of, and you can enable or disable a catch-all email account which will allow you to catch all the email sent to your domain, whether is was sent to a pre-defined name or to Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien. .

Besides POP3 and IMAP access to your email we also have a secure webmail client which allows you to access your email securely from any internet café you happen to walk into. Actually you can choose from three different secure flavours of webmail; we have SquirrelMail, UebiMiau and RoundCube available for you to choose from.

Ofcause you can control what to do with SPAM sent to your domain. Do you simply want it marked as SPAM in the subject line, or do you automatically want to delete it, or maybe both, depending on scorings? Again, your choice.


MySQL DatabasesYou can create as many MySQL databases as you can fit in the amount of storage space you have available in your account. The databases you can create and control from our control panel, or by using PHP MyAdmin, which we have enabled for all accounts.

Hosted Domains / Domain Parking / Subdomains

SubdomainIn most accounts you can install more then one Website (domain). This is like two or more hostings, sharing the harddisk space and bandwidth between the domains, but running independent of the other domains.

Very similar, though not the same, is the creation of Subdomains, which is possible on every account. These subdomains (sub.yourdomain.com or www.sub.yourdomain.com) acts like a seperate hosting also.

Besides this you can add as many domain pointers or parked domains to every hosted domain as you wish. Each parked domain will then point to the root of the hosted domain.

Control Panel

Control PanelTo manage all these options we have installed a Contol Panel called DirectAdmin, which allows you to intuitively manage and control all and everything what we have set up for you. If you want to get an idea of what is possible with the DirectAdmin control panel, we invite you to check out the extensive DirectAdmin helper site at http://www.site-helper.com/


Tomcat JSPWe offer Apache Tomcat JSP Support (JAVA Support) to our customers in the Web Developer and Top of Webhosting catagories. This allows you to run your very own Java Applications from our server.

JavaScript is unrelated to this and works for all.

Web Application Installer

InstallatronLast but not least we offer a Web Application Installer, which will install numerous applications for you on your request. The Installatron Web Application Installer supports the automated setup of all the application found here.