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Buy cheap Support Hour
Heard a lot, but not necessarily true.

We build professional websites and can make very cheap. In addition we also offer another unprecedented support.
An impossible combination?
Not so ..!

Our business model consists of a number of facets that make it possible at very competitive prices to provide professional job.

  • We work with standard components that we build your website. This saves considerable time, and time is that which you normally pay for the prize. This allows us to quickly deliver your amazing site.
  • We work in close collaboration with a foreign company from a low-wage country (Nepal) where most of our work is carried out. This is the time we spend on your site should be significantly cheaper than if your site in the Netherlands we should build.
  • We limit ourselves to standard websites for our special 'low cost web site listing. A complete website, which looks good graphically. Your choice of character, professional or pimped, tight or flashy. But no special options. All time-consuming work, we kept in this program. See the article includes / exclusive or not exactly what you get.
  • Websites that do "special features" to use / offer to help us with our standard low hourly rate outside the special "cheap web site listing.
  • Invoices from Nepal, by paying with a Dutch bank account. For individuals this will save the VAT. For businesses too, but the benefit is unfortunately offset by the inability to deduct unpaid tax ...

This business model has everything to do with outsourcing, and as you undoubtedly heard or read that large companies use their software packages to be developed cheaply. We use it to create websites cheap and you share the benefit thereof.